At Royal Prerogative ®, our goal is to provide beautiful and easy-to-maintain styling options while promoting healthy hair growth. Beauty and fashion are about choices; there’s freedom in choice and freedom in change. Our brand celebrates the inner royalty of women everywhere by giving them the option to transform themselves with the highest quality wigs available.

Here, women know that being their own fashion statement is a Royal Prerogative®.

The RP Journey

Royal Prerogative ® was created in 2016 to provide women with a way to showcase their unique sense of style and personality while also using protective styling to support healthy hair growth.  Royal Prerogative ® wigs use high quality SynLUXE® fibers, which provide our customers with the easy and natural-looking versatility they desire. When you purchase a Royal Prerogative ® unit, you will also have the opportunity to view dedicated educational video content featured on Royal Prerogative ®TV, via Founder and CEO, Maria Antoinette.

While Royal Prerogative®—the company—is new on the scene, Maria Antoinette has been in the Beauty Industry for over 15 years. Royal Prerogative® was born out of Maria’s desire to curate a collection of wigs and hair accessories, for all at an affordable price. Maria believes that a woman is truly able to shine when she has the option to choose a style that reflects who she is on the inside, without having to break the bank to do so.

Our Promise:

We will strive to give you high quality hair products that are affordable, reliable, easy to use.


Why Royal Prerogative® Wigs? When you buy a Royal Prerogative® Wig, you become part of a community of positive women who celebrate and encourage each other’s different expressions of beauty.