Royal Prerogative

RP Blown Away Clips

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  • RP Blown Away Clips

Royal Prerogative

RP Blown Away Clips

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$20 discount in color 1B, 2 and 4. These are discounted because they aren’t up to our full Royal Prerogative standards. The size of the clips and texture are slightly off. Still great just more straight and longer in size. Not to be confused with width. Get them while they last. If you want the original texture we have an order placed and they will be restocked soon. 

Thank you,

Maria Antoinette 

The RP Blown Away Clips are made with our signature SynLUXE® fibers. They are soft, light weight and versatile. These clip-ins can be styled with heat tools of temperatures up to 400 degrees. Each package of Clips come with 8 pieces and are available in 6 colors.

Specs for "RP Blown Away Clips"

Type: Clip-in Extensions

Texture: Works with all hair textures similar to a fresh blow out.

Length: 18”

Style: Textured Straight 

Material: SynLUXE® Fibers - Heat safe. Can be styled with hot tools low-medium temperature.

Packaging Contents: 8 pieces of RP Curl Clips.  *It takes two packages for a full head.